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Take your first steps to Freedom, Independence, and Self-Identity with Guided Coaching for Personal Empowerment 

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Discover how to de-clutter your life with life cleaning. Helping others de-clutter their Mental, Physical, and Environmental homes.


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Below you will find the Empowerment Series for building your life-skills in 3 main areas in life. These skills are priceless, and if you learn them, I know your life will improve drastically right from the very first session!


Are You Ready to De-clutter Your Path in Life?

Empowr Services offers life-cleaning services for busy, hard-working men and women  struggling with negative emotions while transitioning into a new lifestyle after divorce or loss. Our guided training will increase your mental, physical, and environmental awareness and empower you with the training, support, and tools you need. Our Workshops and Private 1-on-1 Coaching programs can help those who are ready to reclaim their power of independence, freedom, and awareness. 

Coach T can help release your worry in these 5 life-clutter areas: 

  1. Stress: Naturally release your stress while migrating through the process
  2. Confidence: Eliminate your negative BS to increase self-worth
  3. Loneliness/Happiness: How to allow happiness into your life and refresh your awareness and coping skills
  4. New Purpose: Find inspiration in your uniqueness and ability and start blazing your own path in life
  5. Money: Reducing Materialism & Frugal living advice


As a twice divorced mother of 4 and soon to be empty-nester, Coach T intends to teach others who are suffering with emotional and physical, and environmental clutter how to sort through the stress, get organized, and start building a freedom plan that will lead you to the independent life of a truly empowered person.

Coach T Specializes in awareness after loss; helping you create a new and empowered life on purpose.

Coach T Specializes in awareness after loss; helping you create a new and empowered life on purpose.


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Step 1: life-clutter awareness activity

Step 1: Discover where you are in life with this free activity!


The Wheel Of Life is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you get a visual representation of where you currently are in the balance of life and will help you identify which areas most benefit you by improving. 


Empowerment Series~Goals

Dare to Dream Mini-view


  In this presentation, Master Life Coach T gets into the #1 most important step in Achieving Life Goals which is allowing yourself to Dare to Dream. This 50 minute workshop will help you identify what you REALLY want in life. 

If your goals don't get you excited, 

and you aren't dreaming big enough, 

your chances of success are small. 

That is why this coaching presentation is focused on Daring to Dream 


Achieving Life Goals Package


 This 6 week course includes 2 90-minute Intensive Coaching Sessions and 8 1-Hour Accountability sessions. During this time, you will discover the 4-Steps to Goal Success: 

Step 1: Know what you really want

Step 2: Believe you can achieve it

Step 3: Create a concrete plan for success

Step 4: Stay committed and motivated


Goal Testimonial


"I've always been very goal oriented and a list maker to increase my productivity. But, when I discovered these 4 Steps for myself, my eyes opened and life became an amazing adventure that will never stop. That's when I knew I could help others achieve the same goal success I have! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share these steps with other women." Coach T

empowerment series~Happiness

Secrets of Happiness Introductory Workshop


In this empowerment presentation we discuss the #1 most important secret to happiness, recognizing your belief system is directly responsible for how you view the world and therefore how you feel. That is why this workshop is focused on Rewiring Your Limiting Beliefs! 

Why Happiness? Many studies have demonstrated that happiness: 

  • Can double your critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity 
  • Can create more balance, less stress, and receive more work promotions! 
  • Changes your perception (i.e. emotions trigger memories) 


Secrets of Happiness Coaching Program


 This coaching program covers in-depth, the 6 layers of limitation that block your joy. In 8 weeks we will peel the following layers off and uncover your happiness! 

The 6 Layers of Happiness 

  1.  Desire- Take back your power!
  2. Limiting Beliefs- Remove/Replace 
  3. Identity/Ego- Your True Self
  4. Time (past/future)- Present moment 
  5. Negative patterns and wires- Identify triggers & patterns, develop new JOY wires! 
  6. Your current mood-Feel in control of your emotional state and learn the most powerful tool for generating happiness- GRATITUDE! 


empowerment series~purpose

Live Your Passion, Discover Your Purpose Workshop


In this empowerment presentation we deliver the #1 aspect of living a purposeful life- LIVING WITH PASSION! Your passions unlock the key to your happiness, excitement, fulfillment, talents, and your success.

 If you embrace your passions you will: 

  • Feel inspired with life
  • Know what makes you feel alive
  • Know what fulfills you at your core
  • Feel excited to get up in the morning

This workshop will help realign what you love, what feeds you, and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose!         


Discover Your Purpose: Stepping Stones to Purpose



In this 12-Week Coaching program we'll be covering the "Stepping Stones to Purpose", or the different elements of our lives and selves that play a role in guiding our path and determining our purpose. At the end of this trail of clues from our pasts and our personalities, you will find that you have discovered your greater purpose for your life! 

Stepping Stones

  • Childhood Influences
  • Passions, Interests
  • Talents, Skills
  • Personality
  • Experiences
  • Coincidences
  • Limits
  • Clarify Purpose
  • Bonus: Write Your Manifesto!